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Where to send Payments:  This is on your invoice that you receive from FACTS, but if you have lost it...Make check to FACTS.

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Omaha, NE. 68103

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Helpful hints from FACTS for the online menus

Please Note: The 1st Monthís Tuition Payment INCLUDES the technology fee. Your monthly tuition payment after the June payment will not have the fee included.

Athens Christian School strives to provide the highest quality education while keeping costs affordable.  You can help by providing payments to ACS on time.

Type of Fee

Due When

Tuition Payment

First payment is June on the payment date that you select

Book Fee

Rolled into tuition payments for 1st 3 children.

Lunch, Bus, milk

Based on your selection with FACTS.  First payment is August.

Facts FAQ:

For technical support questions (error codes), logon issues on the FACTS site, call 1-866-441-4637.

  1. Do I have to sign up?  Yes, this is how you will receive billing statements.  It is also how payments will be recorded.
  2. How Do I sign up for the 1st time with FACTS?  Click here
  3. What are the benefits?  You may pick your payment plan, payment date, and payment type.  You can pay at any time day or night (no more sending payments to school with your children).  You can look at a statement at any time.  It provides security to you and to the school in that it substantially reduces the amount of money moving around.  It allows you to better budget for tuition, lunch, school trips, etc...
  4. Why the convenience fee?  We are a non-profit organization.  In order to keep our costs as low as possible, we must recoup the credit card charges that are taken out at time of payment.  We could increase the tuition and fees by 2.5% across the board, but this would not be fair to those wanting to pay in other ways.
  5. Why the $10/month for paper invoice charge.  It costs FACTS and us money in time and resources to bill you once a month.  Again, to keep costs as low as possible for as many as possible, we are allowing monthly invoicing, but it does cost more to provide this.  The charge is per family and not per student.  Note, if you choose email invoicing, this fee does not apply.
  6. So, what is the lowest cost way to pay tuition?  You get a 2% reduction if you pay in full.  If you pay by the month, quarter, or twice a year, choosing autodebit is the most economical way to go.  But, it is your choice.  You may also pay by credit card or monthly invoice.
  7. What about late fees?  You choose the payment plan and payment date.  Just like any other service (water bill, car payment, etc...) we depend on you to be timely on your payments.  If you are late, you will receive notification and a late charge.
  8. I'm concerned about autodebit pulling money from my bank account.  This is a valid concern.  One way to handle this is to set up a bank account that is only for tuition payments.  This way you are not using your main account.  You can also instruct your bank to only allow specific withdrawal amounts (if your bank supports this). 

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