2017-18 Faculty / Staff


Preschool Life

Children in the preschool are definitely given some time to be able to play and the ability to relax between classes.

They are also taught the importance of being able to honor their parents and teachers as they go throughout every day.

But of course the best thing is to combine the two and create a positive learning environment for every child (and parent) to enjoy!



Kindergarten classes learn the fundamentals that will help them throughout their school years and beyond.  Although academics are important, they also learn the values of respect, honesty, faith, and being a good citizen.  Plus they have plenty of rest and play time together.




Children learn their best in the younger years and we definitely have proven this throughout all of the elementary school at ACS.

Of course, ACS Elementary children like to have fun.  We have a great elementary playground where they can play together during recess.

Each year we have a special Career Day which is always a fun day for our kids!



Middle School

Inseparable friends are definitely made in middle school and kept throughout life.  At the Thanksgiving party where students and parents enjoy fellowship, food, and fun, two friends seem very thankful.

And of course the middle schoolers definitely spend their time in the classroom as they learn what they need to further their education into high school and college!




High School

Our high schoolers have many opportunities to spread their wings and learn the skills necessary for college and the work place.  We have a great chemistry lab where they learn science and safety.  And school trips are always an important part of the high school experience.   Of course academics are the core of the high school years where they learn the things that will be important for college tests like the SAT.

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